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What is a CPM?

CPM stands for Continuous Passive Motion. The CPM machine moves your affected joint through its natural range of motion. Moving the joint in this motion reduces the occurrence of scar tissue formation and helps reduce pain.

How often should I use my CPM?

Your physician decides how often you should use your equipment. A Gabel Distributors representative will go through your doctor’s specifications when they set up your equipment.

How long will I need my equipment?

The prescriptions lengths vary. Your Gabel Distributors representative will let you know how long your prescription length is when they set up your equipment.

What is a softgood and why is it a purchase item?

A soft good is a disposable pad that covers the equipment in the area where it is in direct contact with your skin. It is designed for a single patient use to prevent cross-contamination.

What is a ThermoComp machine?

The Kinex ThermoComp is a machine that provides three separate pre-programmed therapies: cold-compression, contrast-compression, and intermittent pneumatic compression for DVT prophylaxis.

What temperature should the ThermoComp be set at?

The ThermoComp machine is set at 43 degrees. It cannot go lower than 43 degrees.

How long should the ThermoComp be used?

Use the ThermoComp as much as possible for the first two to three days following surgery or injury. Use the unit as needed, for as long as your physician has prescribed the unit.

Should I put the pad on top of the skin?

A thin barrier should be applied between the pad and the skin whenever possible.

Do I need to add ice to my ThermoComp unit?

No. The ThermoComp is unique in that it operates on water alone. Ice packs or ice based units that circulate water are at higher risk of causing discomfort because the temperature cannot be precisely controlled. The ThermoComp is controlled by a microprocessor and will maintain temperature accuracy within + or – one degree.

Do I have to add water to my ThermoComp?

Water may have to be added to the ThermoComp unit if it runs low. An alarm will sound and the screen will say “check flow/fluid.” If this happens, unscrew the cap on the top of the ThermoComp unit while it is on and pour in distilled or purified water. If you do not have distilled or purified water, you can use tap water. Pour in water until it comes up to the bottom of the threads for the cap. Place the cap back onto the ThermoComp and the alarm should turn off. If you have any questions during this process, please call Gabel Distributors at (702) 489-2288.

What is DVT prophylaxis and when should I use it?

DVT prophylaxis is a mechanical method preformed to help reduce the chances of developing a deep vein thrombosis caused for inactivity following surgery. If your doctor prescribed DVT prophylaxis, one or two pads will be provided to you. DVT treatment usually accompanies CPM use for the first 7-10 days after surgery. Use the DVT as prescribed by your physician.

How and when will my equipment be delivered?

The equipment is delivered to your home by a Gabel Distributors representative normally pre-operatively. The representative will instruct you on the use of your equipment.

Who should I contact if my equipment isn’t working?

If you have any questions about your equipment, a Gabel Distributors Representative is available by phone 24 hours/7 days a week by telephone at (702) 489-2288.

What do I do when I am finished using my equipment?

When you are done using your equipment, call Gabel Distributors at (702) 489-2288 and a representative will be scheduled to come pick up your equipment.

Will my insurance company pay for my rental equipment?

Each insurance plan has different reimbursement guidelines for coverage for our equipment. We try to get prior authorization from your insurance carrier whenever possible. It is important that you also attempt to contact your insurance carrier regarding coverage, because you are ultimately responsible for payment.

When does billing start?

Billing starts when you are instructed to start using the equipment by your physician. If you have to go to a rehabilitation facility after your stay in the hospital, please contact us so we can adjust your start date.

What if my insurance company does not pay for the equipment prescribed by my physician?

Upon receiving a copy of your current contract/policy, we can determine exactly what benefits are available that may obligate your insurance company to pay the claim.

Do I have to pay if my insurance does not cover the prescribed items?

Yes. Gabel Distributors sets a capped amount called the Patient Protection Guarantee (PPG). If your insurance denies the claim and you have paid all your deductibles, then your bill would be capped at the set PPG. Your bill may be less than the PPG but not more.

If I have questions about what is being billed, who do I call?

You can call Gabel Distributors at (702) 489-2288 and speak to someone about your billing question(s).

What if I was involved in a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If your Workers’ Compensation Claim was filed and accepted by your employer, then the insurance carrier for your employer will pay for everything.

What if I was involved in a personal injury and have an attorney?

Upon receiving the attorney’s information, we can have a “letter of protection” signed by the patient and attorney, and accept a lien as payment. This means we get paid out of the possible settlement.