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Post Surgical Rehabilitation Equipment

Cold, Compression &
Contrast Therapy
DVT Prophylaxis

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Joint Active Systems (JAS)

  • ez-ankle
  • ez-elbow
  • ez-finger
  • ez-knee-ext
  • ez-knee-flex
  • ez-pro-sup
  • ez-shoulder
  • ez-toe
  • ez-wrist
  • jas-ankle
  • jas-elbow
  • jas-knee
  • jas-pro-sup
  • jas-shoulder
  • jas-wrist

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  • Patient Care is our #1 Priority

    Gabel Distributors is the largest provider of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Cold/Contrast/Compression/DVT Therapy machines in Southern Nevada. We also have offices in Phoenix and Prescott, AZ. We are not a multi-product DME firm and have kept our focus on one product area in order to provide outstanding customer service while carrying the highest level of products available. This has set Gabel Distributors apart from the competition and enabled us to become the industry leader.

    The CPM machine let me challenge myself to get to the full range of motion. I do not think I would have got to my full range of motion as quickly without it. I now walk without a limp. Don't change a thing!

    - K. Macher

    The cold therapy machine helped me relax and get some sleep. The CPM helped increase my movement without a lot of pain.

    - J. Landreth